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It is one of the most important references of Mexican metal; her magnificent voice and compositions, together with her powerful and gentle presence, have earned her a safe place on the playlists of anyone who listens to her.


On the occasion of her 9 years of experience, we decided to invite her to an interview at Cassava Roots Tlaxcala, which also featured a VIP coexistence with a select number of fans.

Clarification: Out of respect for the 25 participants who acquired the coexistence pass, the 3hrs of coexistence material that we have has not been uploaded.


The material presented here is 1/3 of the great time we had in the company of the participants, all the members of Anna Fiori and the Staff of La Magia Absalón as well as Cassava Roots.

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During the Interview

Photos by: Jorge Eduardo Pineda

Diego trejo

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VIP coexistence