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Anniversary show
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Lack Of Remorse will be celebrating 10 years of being a band of irreverent and misfits.  

The already well-known Misfits will have an exclusive presentation at the end of their Tour of Mexico nicknamed Tsunamex Tour 2021.  

This show will take place in Bajo Circuito on December 10 at 8:00 p.m. It will feature sister bands Cathleen, The Hellish and Fractal Dimension.  

In the words of Andrei Pulver: ¨ A great audiovisual show by Pomo Najar and Isaac Barragan Sanabria with a powerful PA and an incredible light show, guests, friendly bands and even many memories (spoiler alert) will be able to see some Ex. - Lack showing up! ¨

Special Guests: Erik Canales (Allison), TTS (Here Comes The Kraken), Pablo Holman (Astro Rain)

, Luis Rodriguez (Cathleen), Herci Edlyn (The Hellish).


Lack of remorse
x Years

Lack Of Remorse has been around since 2011.


Their productions have allowed them to head long tours in Mexico and the USA, traveling by van or in a trailer touring each city like true “punks”.  

They have made several participations in massive festivals in Mexico and have been special guests of more than 20 representative bands of the genre (Phil Anselmo, As I Lay Dying, Papa Roach, Suicide Silence, among others).  

They began the celebration of their X years with the release of the album ¨The Bacon Chronicles III¨.


Now, thanks to the current global condition, they will be able to culminate this celebration with a totally face-to-face audiovisual event.  

Lack of remorse, andrei pulver, metalcore, misfits,

Lack of remorse
x Years

lack of remorse 10 años, misfits, fireflies, metal core, bomboncorero
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