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flags of hate

Now available!

Thrashock is back!  

With new album and new official video!

Thrashock is back!  

Asesino is the new single and new video clip presented by the Thrash Metal band this  March 1st at 8:00 p.m. through its official networks.

In addition, the Flags Of Hate album has been released on digital platforms and can be purchased physically thanks to Inframundo Records. ​

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Ripper (Vocals), Alan Rodríguez (Bass), Mario Rodríguez (Guitar), Eduardo Mayen (Guitar), Rockdrigo Rodríguez (Drums)

Thrashock is back!  

Thrash metal band from Mexico City, created in 2009.


The history of the band is divided into 2 stages; the first from 2009 to 2014  with the original lineup and the second stage from 2016 to the present keeping only the original vocalist.


Thrashock has numerous presentations with national and international bands as well as collaborations with great musicians from different bands such as Destruction and Violator.


Now available!

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